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For permission to use cookies on this site click the button "OK". Softisan 378 SLN exhibited supercooled melts with low occlusion and skin permeation. • Occlusion factor of SLN was greater than nanoemulsions and showed time dependence. • The solid state with high crystallinity of SLN provided the greater skin permeation. SOFTISAN® 649 can improve the skin barrier by reducing the transepidermal water loss (TEWL).

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It is free from antioxidants and other stabilizing additives. Softisan ® 378 Revision Date 26.11.2018 Page 2 of 4 5 Fire-fighting measures · Suitable extinguishing media: All regular extinguishing media can be used. Select fire fighting measures suitable to surrounding environment. · Specific hazards during fire fighting: Combustible, but not flammable. In case of fire dangerous SOFTISAN 378 is a specialty blend of triglycerides based on saturated even-numbered, unbranched natural fatty acids of vegetable origin SOFTISAN® 378 is a semi-solid emollient with a low melting point that leaves a non-tacky and non-greasy film on the skin. It is the perfect base for pasty product concepts like lip products or body butters, as it imparts structure and body to the product yet creates a surprisingly light skin feel. SOFTISAN® 378 is a specialty blend of triglycerides based on saturated even-numbered, unbranched natural fatty acids of vegetable origin.

The chemical name is (E)- (2S,3 R ,4 R ,5 S )-5- [ (2 S ,3 S ,4 S ,5 S )-2,3-Epoxy-5-hydroxy-4 PACKAGE(S) SOFTISAN 649 SOFTISAN 378 MIGLYOL GEL B MIGLYOL GEL T WITEPSOL W 35 PASTILLES D YNASAN 114 POWDER WITEPSOL H 32 PASTILLES AS Catalent Pharma Solutions Llc. El Paso, Texas, United States .

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Softisan 378. Hard Fat, Adeps solidus / Grasa dura Softisan 645. Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-1 / Bis- Digliceril Poliaciladipato-1. Lecitina de Soja; Aceite de Silicona; Softisan 378 (* 1); Gelatina; Anhidrisorb 86/ 70 (* 2);.

Softis - Ludo Stor Gallery from 2021

Softisan 378

SOFTISAN 378 is a Hard fat with softer consistency, similar to natural lard, but stable, odorless, emollient in creams, capsule filling mass. Softisan 378. Softisan 378.

Hydrogenated Palm Oil  Product name: SOFTISAN® 378 Chemical description/monograph name: Hard fat, Adeps solidus Listed in: Ph. Answer Save. 0000008815 00000 n Assume that   Caprylic/capric/stearic triglycerid (Softisan 378) ? Bis-diglyceryl/caprylate/caprate /stearate/adipate (Softisan 649) ? Stearic acid ?
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Softisan 378

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SOFTISAN® 649. Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2. IOI Oleo.
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Component Compounds: CID 379 (Octanoic acid) CID 2969 (Decanoic acid) CID 985 (Palmitic acid) CID 5281 (Stearic acid) CID 753 (Glycerol) info@createcosmeticformula Brought to you by: Updated 25th August, 2020 What types of formulas can you create? Balm - lips Balm – body Body wash (foaming) Body scrub (foaming) List the suppliers of TCR INDUSTRIES. 2017-11-02. 80 DRM 16603KG.

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Pakkausseloste - SPC

SOFTISAN® 378 has a pasty consistency, a high oxidative stability and offers the same benefits as Shea Butter. It is a perfect base for pasty product concepts, lip products or body butters.